Factory Insights



| Induction Furnace

Hi-Tech Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. has a Induction Melting Furnace with a capacity of 8 Metric ton. This high capacity unit is manufactured by Megatherm Furnaces Pvt. Ltd., India.


| Re-Heating Furnace

Natural gas fired re-heating furnace is equipped with motor driven mechanical pusher where Steel Bars are heated in rolling temperature (1100- 1200 °C). The re-heating furnace has a standard capacity of 10MT/ hr.

| Roughing Mill & Intermediate Mill

The roughing mill includes Y-Table, proper guide box, twist pipe and auto feed repeaters. The picture shows how the skilled technicians are controlling the sections for production.
The 1000 HP induction motor is used in running the roughing mill and intermediate mill adjoined by dynamically balanced 8 MT fly wheel.

| Finishing Mill

10 inches Finishing Mill of Re-Rolling unit has a Continuous Bearing Mill of 2 stands driven by 400HP Slipring Induction Motor, which is capable of producing about 10 MT deformed bars per hour.

| Auto-cooling Bed

Hi-Tech Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. has an auto cooling bed that handles the hot bars in high speed operation and allows bars to cool down in ambient temperature.

| Cold Shearing Machine

Hi-Tech Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. has a high performance Cold Shearing Machine that is used in cutting bars according to desired length. Cold Shearing Machine accomplishes the task of cutting the final rolling product.

  • Mechanical Workshop.
  • Lubrication Oil Systems.
  • Cooling Water Systems.
  • Pneumatic and Air Compressor Systems.
  • Conveyor Tables, Repeaters
  • E.O.T Cranes.
  • Cold Shearing Machine.
  • 50 MT Computerized Weigh Bridge.
  • Fork Lifter.
  • Mobile Cranes etc.

| Electric Power Plant

Two gas based generator, manufactured by Caterpillar USA,
Installed and commissioned by Bangla CAT. Total capacity is 4 MW.

| Electrical Substation

Hi-Tech Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. has 33 KV; 5MVA substation manufactured by Energypac Engineering Ltd.