Why Should We Choose HI-Tech Steel


|   Quick Delivery

We are strictly committed to ensure Quick Delivery of our products. We have utmost attempt to deliver the goods within 24 hours after Order confirmation.

|   Premium Quality Scrap

Quality of scrap determines the quality of steel. In this regard, we emphasize on choosing the best available scrap for our quality production. Hi-Tech Steel & Re-rolling Mills Ltd. uses HMS1 (Heavy Melting Scrap 1) that is the premium quality and universally accredited scrap.

|   Superior Weldability

Superior weldability compared to conventional deformed bars.

|   Better Rib Pattern

Better rib pattern on Hi-Tech’s deformed bars ensures better bonding with concrete.

|   Proper Bendability

Hi-Tech’s deformed bar can be bent to the exact angle according to BDS standard, which means the products of Hi-Tech have the proper bendability.